NALA Agility Link Competition Rules

1. Only Agility Link subscribers are eligible to have scores recorded for InterClub or Individual Dog Competition. Agility Link subscribers may have scores recorded for any dog they handle, even if they are not the owner.

2. All obstacles will be of a standard adequate to meet the safety levels expected by the country's National Agility Organisation. No measurements , for height or length, will exceed those set down by that country's Kennel Control Organisation.

3. All judging in N.Z.will be based on the latest NZKC Agility Regulations. . (Note. Unless advised otherwise with the Course Plan, judging of Wands and Table will be as for Starters Class. Crossover will be judged as per Novice.) This is a Novelty competition, and therefore the form of the competition may vary from time to time. Any person knowledgeable of the NZKC Agility Regulations may act as a judge. Two judges may officiate, one judge competing under the other judge. Care must be taken to provide consistent judging.

4. When setting up the course, distances must be checked with a meter wheel, the measurer walking the course on the same line the handler would run when competing with the dog on his left. The total length of the course must coincide exactly with that stated in the plan.

5. Electronic timing or an accurate stop watch must be used, with times being recorded to 100ths of a second. If a table is included, the 5 sec. pause should be recorded with an electronic counter.

6. The club coordinator must enter results through the NALA website (from 1 April 2005) or forward results to AGILITY LINK on the appropriate form to reach the AGILITY LINK Results Recorder before the last day of the month of running. Late results will not be published or credited.
If you run link at another club it is your responsibility to get the results to your club coordinator for entry.

7. Scoring (Unless specified otherwise with the Course Brief)
(a) The club will submit the score of each competitor's FIRST run over the course. No previous practice over that particular course is allowed.
(b) The competitor's score consists of the time taken to run the course plus any faults caused by Course Faults. A competitor who has NO Course Faults will receive a bonus by having 5 secs. subtracted from the running time. (This calculation will be done by the computer system and should NOT be done by the club coordinator.)

8. The NZKC Regulations, in some instances, give Maximums and Minimums. However, to ensure equal conditions in NALA competition all clubs will use the maximum measures stated as per the NZKC Regulations.

9. Competition
(a) Inter Club.
A club's score in any month will be the sum of the scores of that club's three best performers for that month. A club will be credited with points for that month equal to the place it gains, e.g. The club that achieves 1st Place is credited with 1 point, the 2nd club 2 points, etc. Top Club Award will go to the club with the lowest total after adding together that club's EIGHT lowest scores. If, finally, two clubs are on the same aggregate score the club with the lower team aggregate for the LAST month they both competed together, will have preference.

There will be four Divisions. . Divisions 1,2 and 3 will consist of 11 teams each, with division 4 containing the remaining teams. All new clubs will start in the fourth division. The first two clubs in each division will be automatically promoted to the next division. The last two clubs in each division will automatically be relegated to the lower division. In the event of any team withdrawls/amalgamations, the results recorder may instigate additional promotions/relegations to ensure the size of divisions 1,2 and 3 is maintained as stated previously.

Clubs may organise more than one team but the Club's second or third team must start in the fourth division, and handlers/dogs will run for the same team all year. Senior dogs (at NZKC Championship level) or those with a clear round in ADX advanced must be included in the top team (this applies at the beginning of the year when Teams are first set up). New members (except for Senior dogs or dogs with a clear round in ADX advanced ) may be added to any Club team. NALA members who move during a competition year may have their score credited to whichever Club they choose.

(b) Individual Dog. The same principle will apply as for Inter Club. Any member of NALA may compete in the monthly competitor, under the one subscription, with more than one dog. Awards will be given to the first twenty dogs.

AGILITY LINK may, from time to time, offer other forms of competition, depending on sponsorship.

10.Any subscriber is welcome to submit a course plan, to scale. If published the contributor will receive $5.00 to cover expenses. The ring size will be 30m x 40m for each month of the year.

NZKC Agility Rules

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Last modified 29 February 2005