Flygility Link  Competition

What is it?

The NALA Flygility Link Competition allows dogs from different clubs to compete with one another on a regular basis without meeting together. Courses are published each month. Each club runs the course at their own grounds at a date during the month to suit themselves and send in the results. Individual competition and competition for teams of three dogs is provided. Unlike regular flygility dogs compete "against the clock" with the fastest run winning rather than in a knockout competition.

Competition Rules

Generally these are similar to NZFDA rules.

Individual Runs

If the club wishes to do individual runs these must be done before team runs. Each dog gets only one practice run which must be followed immediately by the individual run (if the dog is doing one). The practice run is optional.

Team Membership

The same three dogs must do each of the three runs for a month. The make up of teams for each month is entirely up to the club. Selection can be made on any basis and dogs may be switched between teams from one month to the next. The number of teams entered can change each month.


All results are entered online through this web site. Results must be entered by the last day of the month or they will not be accepted.

Where can I run it?

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Last modified 16 February 2014